What does "couples golf" mean to you? An occasional or regularly-scheduled 9-hole outing limited to club members and guests, often followed by a modest social activity? That was the origination  of couples golf, and, for most, it's still the norm. But, to the surprise (and delight) of many, there's a whole different and fun world out there -- if one only knows how to find it.


  Golf in a social yet mildly competitive environment is a growing attraction for male/female mixed couples across the U.S. In response, golf events, local organizations, and "tournaments" specifically for mixed couples (well beyond traditional intra-club events) are springing up in many locales. However, finding those events and gaining entry into their world of "socialized golf competition" has proven quite difficult for those new to the environment -- primarily because the process has historically been a word-of-mouth, locally-controlled one.


  By providing a central source of information on such events and couples golf in general, the United States Couples Golf Association is changing that landscape. USCGA Members have access to our unique, comprehensive, nationwide calendar of couples events open to outside play, as well as several other valuable benefits. A Full Membership provides that access PLUS over $300/year in other benefits with a very modest cost of only $40 per couple or individual for 2 YEARS. (What a bargain!!)





  Then, for those wanting a less-robust membership, there's a 6-month Social Membership (individual or couple) that's only $5. Social Members have access to our calendars and certain other information, but an upgrade to Full status is required for other Member benefits. Listings of these benefits and an opportunity to join the USCGA and become a part of this unique aspect of the game can be found elsewhere in this website (Join Us).


  And, for those who simply want to "test drive" us, there's our FREE Guest status. Guests have access to our Network Course Calendar (a calendar of events hosted by our Network Courses -- NOT the Comprehensive Calendar available only to Members) and certain other information. To become a USCGA Guest, simply register here. Guest status expires after 10 years or when the Guest becomes a Member.


  We invite you to join us and our membership in promoting and enjoying mixed couples golf and all the benefits of USCGA membership. Browse our site for information, then either REGISTER as a Guest or JOIN US as a Member for outstanding benefits and great times with great friends (some you haven't even met yet)!





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